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IMXAs considerable publishing activity covers a broad swathe of the history, the languages and the culture of the Balkan peoples and constitutes a valuable source for research into a variety of issues.

Most of the 250 or so monographs and the collective works (mainly conference Proceedings) cover subjects relating to political and social history, bilateral and international relations, archaeology, history of art, linguistics, folklore, and local history in the wider region of the Balkan Peninsula.

IMXA has published hundreds of reports and papers read at Conferences which it has organised, either alone or in association with similar institutions of Greece or foreign countries.


IMXA also publishes two periodicals: Balkan Studies and Valkanika Symmeikta. The annual Balkan Studies is the Institute’s main organ and enjoys international recognition and acclaim. Since the first issue, in 1960, it has included studies and articles by the best-known Greek and foreign specialists in their fields, and done much to foster Balkan studies. The Institute has already produced and published an analytical index, organised by subject and by author, of the first forty issues (1960-89).

Valkanika Symmeikta first came out in 1980, and offers IMXA’s research staff and other researchers a forum for presenting their research findings and publishing brief studies and articles.